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  The Auttoman©-

is a large round, custom-made piece of furniture (approximately 52 inches in diameter), that is sturdy enough to use as an ottoman, and beautiful enough to be the centerpiece in a room where first impressions matter.

The base and body of The Auttoman© is covered in the fabric- of-choice from colorful vinyl’s to exotic leathers. 

The center focus of each Auttoman© is a handpicked custom wheel.  The wheel is interchangeable with similarly sized wheels. This allows for modifications to the look and feel of The Auttoman© to suit changing desires.

Additional options include glowing upward light in the center of the wheel and/or custom cut glass to cover the
wheel or the entire Auttoman making it a fully functional and much admired table.

  The Design-
Each Auttoman features a unique design that compliments the powerful statement a high-end wheel makes. The Auttoman is essentially an extension of the wheel, one that makes the wheel both an object to admire and a piece of highly functional and attractively designed furniture.  The round shape and oversized diameter (approx. 48" OD) of the Auttoman makes it the literal and natural centerpiece of any room.
  The Materials
The Auttoman is a fully customized furniture, built to the needs, desires and tastes of the client. You choose the wheel that goes in the center of the Auttoman and the textiles that cover it. From the use of colorful vinyls to rare exotic leathers, The Auttoman can be a reflection of your taste and personality if used in the home or office, or it can be used to showcase interior seating options if used in the showroom.
  The Options
Built in lights glowing upward from the center of the wheel; embroidered logos, names and personal statements sewn into the textiles around the wheel; glass tops that cover just the wheel or the entire piece turning The Auttoman into a fully-functional table; the options are limitless. Options list can be reviewed on the Order Form.
  The Craftsmanship
Every Auttoman is hand-made and built to last.  Uncompromising quality during all phases of development, from solid under frame that can support people sitting on it, to stitch quality and finishing touches that will stand the test of time.
  The Cost
Because each Auttoman is one-of-a-kind, we like to think they are priceless, and once you see yours, we think you’ll agree.  That said, The Auttoman is priced based on the custom needs of each client. Payment policy can be reviewed on the Order Form.
  The Delivery
Depending on customization choices, completion time may vary. Allow 6-8 weeks from order time to delivery.  The choice of hand delivery or shipment TBD at time of order.